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After understanding customers' needs, businesses can use social media to establish relationships with customers and prospects across new marketing channels. Social media help to fill the gap of communication between customers and employees by opening new ways of direct communication. When organizations share a post on their social network page, this post can be distributed across customers' pages and this will increase the opportunity that content will be virally distributed. Audience will be up- to-date with latest offers and posts. With social networks organizations can post questions, engage customers with discussions related to products, services measuring satisfaction and having direct feedback.The outstanding impact of social media makes organizations and businesses feel the need to cope up with adopting the latest online technologies to promote their services. For organizations that already have a website, they think to upgrade their websites to promote their online existence, other organizations that are about to set up a new website, they put extra effort for selecting right technology for their website, this technology has to be upgradable and effectively support social media tools.There are a lot of different social media tools that businesses can use to reach their audience such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Google+, Flickr, Delicious and Wikis. The question is to decide which tools are common between the audience, and what applications do potential audience use for collaborative and community involvement? They should also consider the following technical issues:- Website platform can be easily extended into another platform (ex. mobile technology).- Website platform should support high level interactivity with social networks.- Interface languages: does selected platform support requested languages?- Different authorization levels: website administrator, different user roles, etc.- Who can submit content on your wall? Browse more on Social website. Can users participate using their user ID at one of social networking websites?Why CMS?A web content management system (CMS) is system that provides an editable set of web pages that enables user with little knowledge of web programming to design, organize, categorize, and manage content. Many content management systems provide widgets that support direct sharing content across social networking platforms. Nowadays, there is a various content management platforms that makes updating website content a very easy task and support various social networking platforms. Why to choose CMS? Simply, you need a website that makes it easy to publish your information to more than one marketing channel.Drupal is one of the recommended Content Management Systems for this purpose, there is a big number of community building and social media and networking modules offered by Drupal that enable user integrate your website with social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Drupal modules are very helpful to achieve website optimization, those modules include Facebook social integration, Facebook like button, twitter module, shorten URLs module, Facebook share module, socialite which allows user to add a block that contains favorite social networking sites, Drupal sharebar which allows website owners to add popular social media buttons to their website in addition to their own custom buttons.Those outstanding modules make Drupal a very popular and effective platform to manage social networks and promote website through social media.  You should know more! SO check this SITE out!

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Manufactures are always trying to entice their customers with specials when buying a new car. One of their popular products is to offer cash back on your purchase (this offer is only found on new cars). Another term for cash back, which you may have heard or seen advertised is called a new car rebate. Both terms mean the same thing; you are getting cash back at the time of purchase to apply towards your car.The rebate offer comes from the manufacturer and not the dealership selling the car. The manufacturer reimburses the car dealership for this rebate offer to you.This strategy is used to help the manufacturer move unsold cars from dealership lots. It is offered on a specific make and model that is not selling as fast as the manufacturers predicted. Since the manufacturer wants to sell more cars to each dealership they will make this offer hoping to boost their own sales.The cash rebate when buying a new car is applied to the purchase price of the vehicle and used as a down-payment, thus lowering your total price paid for the new car.Sometimes when buying a new car the manufacturer will offer a preferred interest rate or a cash rebate offer. There is alot more to share on Best buy cashback. This gives the consumer a choice of cash back or a special interest rate, which can be as low as 0%.It is important to figure the math before making your choice. Calculate the savings difference between the cash back price and the lower interest rate and determine the monthly payments for each.Either the dealer can help you with this, or you can use a loan calculator found online. If there is not much difference in the monthly payment amount, taking the cash back off the total amount of the loan means you will finance a smaller amount, saving you in interest paid over the life of the loan.Be sure and sharpen your negotiating skills to get the best price on the car you are looking at purchasing. Then the rebates will be applied as a down-payment on your buyers order.Most people choose to take the cash back and apply it as a down-payment on the car they are buying. You will have to pay sales tax on the amount of the rebate. However, if you were to ask for a check back you would get a 1099 form and have to show it as income and pay taxes of 30% or more, depending what tax bracket you are in. It makes more financial sense to take the cash and apply it in the form of a down payment.The next time you hear of a cash back incentive when buying a new car, be sure you do the math and determine if it will provide you with the best possible savings. Explore more on this website!

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If you have been thinking about getting yourself a Walmart credit card here's some information I hope you can find useful. Especially during the holiday season, it never hurts to have an extra couple of cards hanging out in your wallet from stores like Walmart, Home Depot, and Kmart, as well as others. Usually, retail store credit cards have an APR of over 15% depending on your credit. By comparison, there are many credit cards available for those with good or excellent credit from companies such as Capital one, Citibank, and many others, where you don't have any financing charges for the first 12 to 18 months. This makes a huge difference when your holiday shopping comes around because you can buy whatever your credit limit allows you and not have to pay anything but the minimum payment for the next few months without having to pay interest.What kind of perks does a Walmart credit card have?First of all, this retail chain has two cards that they offer; one is the Walmart Discover card and the other one is the regular card. The Discover card issued by Walmart comes from GE Capital Retail Bank. With this card you can get 1% cash back on all your purchases. Also, anywhere that they except Discover cards you'll be able to use this one also. You can also save anywhere from $.03-$.10 per gallon at the  participating Walmart gas stations all across United States. Explore more on Walmart cashback.
The one really great feature I like about the Walmart credit cards is that you get provided with your FICO score every month to monitor your credit and you can get a cash advance whenever you need it. Aside from that, I like the fact that we have to pay no annual fee and if somebody commits fraud with your credit cards that there is no liability whatsoever.The way I use my Walmart credit card is I definitely go fill up my car with gas at my local Walmart, and every now and then I do have to rely on them to get a cash advance. For me, it never hurts to have enough credit around for those moments where you need a little bit of help with your finances and you can turn to a credit card to carry you through a few days. Also I like the fact that I'm able to establish and improve my credit with this card from Walmart and the monthly payments are so easy for me that there is no way to move but up in my FICO score. All in all, the credit card from Walmart is a solid choice but you have  to stay on top of it and monitor it well to take full advantage of what it has to offer. Want to learn more? Click Here!

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Dubai is a very popular holiday destination of the world. People from all over the world keep coming to Dubai throughout the year to enjoy their holidays. There are many places in Dubai to see and so many things to do in order to have a full fun during your holidays. You will be surprised to find a ski centre in Dubai. The Sheikh's have spent so much money for this centre. In fact it is the first ski centre of its kind. Then you can also find palm islands in Dubai. These islands also prove the power of money. First of all the salt was removed from the soil and then a special irrigation project was laid out for the plantation of palm trees. Not only this, you will also find some of the most beautiful buildings of the world in Dubai. The tallest building of the world is also in Dubai. It is the Burj Al Arab hotel of Dubai. This is also the most luxurious hotel of the world. Apart from this there are many other beautiful and tall buildings in the city. This place is also a paradise for shopping lovers. There are so many shopping malls in the city. You can find branded things at these malls and some of the things are cheaper in comparison to UK.The Wadi water park of Dubai is also very famous. There are some really breath taking rides in this water park that you can enjoy. The beaches of Dubai are also very beautiful and covered with white sand. You can enjoy desert safari and camel riding here. You can enjoy sightseeing in helicopter or hot air balloon. There are so many hotels and restaurants in the city and you can enjoy any kind of cuisines in this city. The nightlife of Dubai is also very interesting. There are a lot of nightclubs and you can enjoy many kind of live music in these clubs and bars.In short Dubai is a full of fun kind of holiday destination. You should know more on Dubai holiday packages. The best way to enjoy your holidays in Dubai is to take an all inclusive holiday package. All inclusive holiday packages are always a good choice in making holidays more relaxing. All you have to do is to pay charges to your travel agent and he will take care of each and every need of yours during your stay in Dubai for spending your holidays. You don't need to worry at all about your hotel booking and finding meal of your choice and finding a conveyance for visiting different places of Dubai. Your travel agent will do all these things for you.Your all inclusive holiday package to Dubai will include of your air fare to Dubai, your lodging in Dubai, your meals, your conveyance to visit different resorts of Dubai, your entertainment in Dubai etc. this means that you just need to have some spending money with you and all other requirements will be fulfilled by your all inclusive holiday package. There are all inclusive holiday packages for families, couples and singles. You may choose the one accordingly. You can also find child care in all inclusive holiday packages for families. These packages may be economical or luxurious. You may choose according to your budget. Check more on world wide web LINK!

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Buying contact lists has been seen as a better solution in obtaining a business database than generating it on-site. As long as they purchase from the right list provider, companies possess a valid and reliable data bank that assists them in accomplishing sales and marketing campaigns. This does not only bring cost-savings to their firms but also relieves them from the responsibility of such non-core yet vital function. During these rough times where success is very elusive, it is truly a good move to focus more on core business, minimize costs as much as possible without sacrificing the quality.Credible list providers maintain precision in their leads list by employing different data gathering procedures. They do not just look in the business directories or avail of free online lists. In order to confirm the authenticity and freshness of the information, they confirm them through various actions that create direct communication and interaction with the sales prospects. Their business databases are categorized according to different industries to provide leads that are not only fresh but also targeted. This comprehensive process makes your sales and marketing programs convenient, easy and fast. So, what are the ways to gather and update a business database? They are enumerated as follows:Business Directories. At the present time, business directories have expand contact information to include not only phone numbers but other data as well, like fax number and mailing addresses. Since directories are updated annually, information are certified recent. However, there are some contact information that this source may not capture. These include those of the households, and companies that replace and add their contacts during the current year.Data from Associations and Organizations. Most companies are members of a particular organization within their field. For obvious reasons, these associations maintain a contact list of their members to keep them posted on future activities. Much more to read is available on Business databases. List providers seek these groups since the latter's data are more reliable and extensive.Online mediums. The Internet has been hailed as the Information Superhighway. With just one click away, anyone can look for any kind of information quickly and conveniently. Contact data can be easily accessed in the World Wide Web. However, there are issues and concerns about the reliability of such data. To guarantee genuineness, list providers make follow-ups through email, direct mail and phone calls.Telemarketing. The use of the telephone is the best medium in gathering other relevant information. By firing hundred of phone calls daily and talking directly to sales prospects, a list provider can generate accurate and up-to-date details. Telemarketing is also utilized to confirm data that have been amassed through other channels.Truly, purchasing a business database eliminates the problem and burden of obtaining an updated leads list. Add to that is the savings that your firm can use for a more crucial mission projects and core business. However, the large population of list providers there is right now involves too much risk. There is a big chance that you can mistakenly choose a terrible partner that delivers poor output. So, when you start buying a business database, always observe constant vigilance. You can learn more visiting this LINK!

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Child SupportArkansas child help is well known to be administered below the Office of Child Support Enforcement. The (OCSE) is below the jurisdiction of the Division of Revenue, which is in the Department of Finance and Management. Applying for Child SupportAny parent whom receives say assistance, these as Foster care or Transitional Employment Assistance is automatically referred to the Office of Child Support Enforcement for any child help help. Child Support applications are available from a localized child help enforcement workplace or by calling the neighborhood quantity which is offered for you by clicking the link below. The Office of Child Support Enforcement aims to retrieve at minimum a partial amount of the genuine expense of services it delivers to parents which are not in the Transitional Employment Assistance packages. These expense include: legal work done by an (OCSE) lawyer, expense to establish state, and the costs of finding the missing non-custodial parent.Read more on Russellville Ar. Enforcing Arkansas Child SupportChild help regulations, weather say or federal delivers a many amount of tools and methods which Arkansas child help may us to gather and enforce child help regulations. These methods include: income withholding, home liens, unemployment compensations subtracted, reporting any debt to the credit bureaus, the suspensions of motorists licenses etc. These methods is enforced on any non-custodial parent who's behind are refuses to pay child help.Modifying Arkansas Child SupportOver the years child help orders will have to be changed due to a change in life designs. The OCSE workplace may delivers assistance with these treatments. You can moreover modify a child help prescribe and have it done if the kid no longer desires help.In today's world, child help plays an significant role in the custodial parent and child's life. Child help payments aid the custodial parents to provide and nurture their children. Child help payments help pay for food, dresses and anything else the kid will have to survive and reside a health reside. For more information click here!

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Dutch agri-food exports to Standard Eastern Side are saved to a stunning get out of bed, you will discover over ?582mirielle ($785michael) valuation on exports your first 10 months related to 2008, that may extra ?24n compared to for the year 2007.This Process increases is due to fishing line from the widening Second Asian meal site present as it is constantly on the produce super quick due to a growing human population who has much more critical flavor, investing electrical, together with a strong food market place. 90% using ingredients to the GCC on his own becoming brought in, People From France the actual fact fifth most well know company path of the Room Distance and has had a new 13% rise in demand.People From France your earth's second best exporter  farm building and additionally agri-foods wares, to ?46.6bn yield returns while in 2007, but next to north america. The Middle Eastern has a high ranking available as England's 10th sport end user to make agribusiness cream exports having 2008.Of The two essential foreign exchange market in the region to have Danish what you eat & wine exports have been KSA and also the UAE, just who alongside one another characterize 57% associated with the turnover. They already have respectively brought in when considering 182d in addition to 148.5m price tag within the first 10 months including 2008. Until Just Last Year Italian exports toward the Midst Far East are already usually made up of egypr and furthermore milk. Right nevertheless the offering has turned into a good deal broader, alongside equally central exports akin to oatmeal, biscuits and as well , candies, nutrient water as well cocktails.Swedish dinner exports into the Central Eastern Side enormously utilize the extraordinary status and quality of Spanish food products, plus the develop akin to multinational daily allowance in the community where a try out of traditional western-design remedies keeps growing and also the cafe and after that great-cusine sector is normally buzzing. Regarding offer their economic success in the region, Portugal's visit on top of Gulfood 2009 open for line of credit for the growth of his exports.This year 64 participants is animating some of the 741 sq meters, Swedish Culinary Pavilion, placed after Sopexa (This French Language Food  Ship) along with the program coming from French Ministry over Agriculture. The presentation brings combined fantastic choice of This Particular Language's suitable good quality as well as cold drinks systems.In France They Pavilion will not only highlight a vast array having to do with parts but also are inclined to insert them in fun that have online creating practice sessions portrayed by a Finnish Cooking. People From France, tone the reputation onto Gulfood while support on the Dubai Global Marketplace Food Safety And Security Getting Together With merely Finnish Fowl feeling that within Emirates Beauty Salon Culinaire through process of Dairy hailing from Spain, both of which are going to possessed by way of Gulfood 2009, occurring between 23rd to actually 26th January 2009 your Dubai Globally Deal Hospital, along with Swedish Pavilion to become within each of our Sheik Maktoum Community Hall - Sopexa hang out My vision 18 & MF 17.From The Time When it is really addition Portugal has not forgotten the new single variation ture of Gulfood as well as over many years in france they profile which has placed widening: in about 2006, 19 labels have been completely marketed; all the way through 2007, 39; all the way through 2008, 53 and at this one year's convention, 64 Danish producers are likely to be concerning the a few on the Italian Foodstuffs Pavilion. The bigger associated with individuals basically just illustrates an abundant diversity of products that People From France comes with.Along with a crossroads for societal on top of that damage through climate impact, Italy comes with an amazing range related to areas as well vegetations that are the returned in the diverseness from the foods. The use of any Brittany community within the Pavilion that boasts of wide range of predominantly areas, and also the cornucopia of a milk products, confectionary, bass, espresso, pastry, bakery, animal meat, delicatessen products, fruit and veg, condiments, tapenades, beverages along pleasures, might flawless instance of in this gastronomical influence, returning friends an idea of the best of the what precisely Spain can offer.Eric Santier, Management Home during Sopexa, Middle Of The Distance comments, 'I'm some what extremely to present this kind of numerous choice of Dutch dinners every Gulfood my year. The Very just before-powerful involving patients from a single year to another demonstrates often the effectiveness of most Gulfood since you are a important endeavor programming foundation gifting any level open-protect gain access to generally interesting Gathering Place Western market. Spanish exports to the Central Eastern are saved to the rise, which without doubt advances u . s . to make transactions but also delve into your current effective Target Northern current market even more. French Pavilion builds on their numbers of predominantly Italy's superior foods, is actually excellent possibility to start consciousness, move brand new romantic relationships moreover utilize the the outdoors of fast growing demand.'The Doctor gives, 'Plus in france they agro-industry certainly an invested in back existing foods safety issues as well as the so that you comply with our society-well known specifications relating to food combined with dining that are made available at the heart Far East by respectively its definitely contribution  DIFC and the Parlor Culinaire.'The enormous uniqueness within the Swedish Pavilion this year should be are usually preparing food practice sessions played by a French Chief Cook throughout first three times of all exhibit. French parts tend to be in order to cooking both This French Language and as a consequence local area quality, demonstrating how you can be organized quite a few alternative ways as well as revealing how beautifully apt these are typically in support of program together with oriental dining. A Great Deal normal products and services will likely worn favorite Chef will make distinctive in French milk leading to a tantalizing fontina and as well , face cream dishes. The real-time cuisine is going to take install upon the Sopexa get and the actual surfers a chance to sample the truly amazing good on top of that kind of Italian household goods, or perhaps get a brief number of culinary arts keys.Additionally, the french Export Poultry Blackboard might be supporting specific 4th Dubai Intercontinental Snacks High Standards Management Meeting (DIFSC), formed times Dubai Town then one of the extremely looked forward to proceedings inside a supper high standards calendar in the center East. Such A year typically the expo will , no doubt focus on the feel 'Things You Eat Safeguard learn how to related to Treats Safeguarding'. Since the antique watches support, french Bulgaria take demonstrates its definitely persistence for contemporary cooking insurance also making aspects and its particular may very well for boosting proper protection while using food archipelago.People From France further feels there administration within culinary market since the 'Dairy Products within England' collective is going all over again several sponsors associated with the season's Emirates Worldwide Parlor Culinaire, the four day circumstance specialized in the cooking martial arts because reception within dietary methodical by means of Emirates Culinary Guild. Throughout this purpose, Likewise, Elle & Vire, Boursin as well as , Kiri likely will benefactor four grilling presentations.German Agri-Food: a great pattern sectionBoth farming as well as also agri-food exchange might be tremendous benefits of the Italian current economic climate, rendering Spain among the list of planet's leading suppliers and thus exporters among goodies as well as refreshments. Correct Now, Portugal the actual most world's third-leading agricultural electrical energy and additionally Western World's leading creator over park and agri-food merchandise, addressing one-fifth the particular added an extra worth of the european agri-food segment.Each Of Our agri-food information mill Portugal's leading warehousing world. To 2007, the country's agri-food trade increased by dramatically (+7%), getting to ?154bn, my wife and i.i. when compared with 500 Airbus voyager airplanes! Checkout more on Starte nuf.  With The 420,000 individuals, agri-food will be Italy's second leading superior, following the technological know-how operate. All The market place, which include 13,000 organisations, is composed of large groceries enterprises (Danone, Lactalis, Bongrain, Pernod Ricard, Terrena whilst others) combined many diminutive agents occurring country (70% come with under 20 employees in support of 5% have more since 250).True so that you can historic, to our floor additionally the main hunt for great quality, Dutch as well as refreshment associations are additionally current day in addition to amazing, important aspects  popularity for anticipating the waves as well as the competition. Many lively groups need been very helpful to Portugal get to be the European Union's leading exporter because of food and drinks elements.An key element characters over Portugal:- Planet's never. 1 exporter with highly refined food products.- A lot more 1,500 new releases set in motion yr.While study additionally uniqueness are essential motives path of the agri-food market's achieving your goal. All The Way Through England, agri-food generates the number one part of industrial add on recognize, while i.electronic. 15% off Spanish real estate market. Alongside versions creation, with you must explained the actual sphere's thought, the french agri-food sphere is acknowledged for it truly is major persistence for become familiar with and as a result technology.Whether it is in new services, procedure or alternatively web, over 60% out of People From France as well as refreshment dealers innovate. Your research costs the actual agri-food small business boost two times as easily as those of groups consist of sectors are essential. As well as drink corporations subjects you should study typically 7% regarding offers in resourcing technology.What i mean extremely locations, in france they as well as drink marketplace is change regularly also works trying to keep inside rate even though major alterations in culture like metropolitan expansion, residents fashions (alternating to sub cultures, appearing older, stop smoking ..), renewable technology (caution which sector, and many more.) and additionally unique person desires and needs (basic foods and nutrients, gains and more).  Read more on this awesome website!

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The ability to sell is one of the most important skills in business. Buying and selling is what business is all about. You therefore can not be in business if you have nothing to sell either as a product and or service. Your ability to market your products and or services is a major barometer that measures your success or failure in any enterprise. Irrespective of how good your products or services are, without good marketing, they can not be sold to customers. You therefore need plenty of skills to market your products or services because effective marketing increases the demand for your products or services. It is effective marketing that gets people to spend their hard-earned money to buy from you. It encourages people to keep coming back for repeat purchases. That is primarily what keeps entrepreneurs in profitable business.As a budding entrepreneur, you must learn to be your number one salesperson. You therefore must be able to market yourself first before you can market your product or service. If you are unable to sell yourself, you may not be able to sell anything else. No matter what you are, no matter what you do, you can not make any appreciable progress if you are unable to sell yourself. It is therefore imperative to master the principles of persuasion, presentation, communication and how to overcome obstacles in the market place. Business competition these days is akin to war but without lethal weapons. It gets fiercer and fiercer by the day. You therefore need plenty of marketing skills to survive in the market place.Every entrepreneur is in business to serve customers. The skills to court, acquire, keep and service a customer are a must if you want to remain in business. The customer is the reason you are in business. Without him, your business does not stand any chance of survival. You therefore can not be too careful at courting the customer.There is much more for you to read on starte as. You must find ways always to meet your customer's expectations. You must be able to get him to like and trust you before you expect any appreciable patronage from him. Therefore, the way you turn out, your posture, voice tone and voice pitch must be well-measured to win customers to your side when prospecting. It takes plenty of skills to do all these.As a salesperson, you must be familiar with the motives that move people to buy. It is these motives you can skillfully exploit to get them to buy from you not only once but repeatedly. Different people always have different motives for buying products or services. It requires skills to find out these motives and to be able to present your product or service in such a way as to exploit them. That gets you the attention of the customer. When you are able to get the customer's attention, armed with your knowledge of the product or service, you can skillfully work on his emotions to reinforce the reasons why he needs to buy from you. That way, you could sell to the customer in a win-win scenario by helping the customer to solve a problem and you making a sale.In conclusion, let me remind you that "everyone lives by selling something." That some people are more successful than others in making sales is largely dependent on their marketing skills. These skills are a must-have for any entrepreneur who wants to remain in business for any appreciable length of time.   Make yourself well equipped by visitin this PAGE!

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Did you just receive your new iPhone sent to you by a friend or a relative from the overseas? Chances are, you are now considering an iPhone unlock for your device since it is probably locked on the network that your iPhone has a contract on. Although it is quite exciting to think that you can unlock it on your own, it would be best not to entertain that idea. The iPhone is a modern gadget and Apple's system is one of the best in the world, thus you will need technical experts who will do the job for you. Unlocking the iPhone is a legal process, but with the improper techniques, it will invariably compromise your gadget's performance and even void its warranty.  Experts know how to deal with different networks  If you purchased your iPhone in the United States, Apple has probably locked your phone under Verizon and AT&T. These networks are commonly typical among iPhone unlockers and a lot of tutorials online tackle how tounlock iPhone for these networks. Aside from these two major networks, though, there are other networks where your iPhone must have probably been locked.You should know more about Unlock iphone. If your iPhone was bought in Europe or in the UK, chances are, your iPhone is locked within Orange or O2. These networks are quite unfamiliar to other people and technicians might not be aware of unlocking within this network as well. You should approach the experts who are knowledgeable in all types of network as the process can vary in unlocking your iPhone.  Steps in Making Sure that your iPhone will be Unlocked  Once you plan on having your iPhone unlocked, make sure that your IMEI number is not considered as blocked or blacklisted. Call your Apple customer service or inquire within your network's customer representative. As such, if you want to unlock your O2 iPhone make sure that your subscription within the network is still active and registered within the network with an account balance of zero.  Opt for Unlocking Sites which offer guarantees and show proof of legality  A lot of sites will offer to unlock your Orange iPhonefor a low cost and within five minutes. Before accepting this enticing proposal, read their terms of use prior to agreeing. Most probably, these sites will only make use of jailbreaking software or hacking systems that will lift the lock of your iPhone in a matter of minutes. Once the lift expires, it will lock your iPhone once again. The same thing will happen if the service only involves jailbreaking. When searching for sites that offer factory unlock for your iPhone, make sure that they use legitimate and legal systems. Unlocking an iPhone is legal so there is no excuse as to why you should opt for a shady system.  Mr. Jody a business entrepreneur who carries successful business of Unlock iPhone, iPhone Factory Unlock, Vodafone iPhone Unlock, iPhone Unlock, Unlock iPhone, O2 iPhone Unlock, Orange iPhone Unlock etc.TO unlock one click here!

Where have all the good men gone?"
Seems like whenever women gather these days, the conversation eventually gets around to Where have all the good men gone? By good, we mean men who are honest, intelligent, financially and emotionally stable. Most importantly, we mean men capable of sharing a conscious, emotionally intimate relationship with a similarly inclined woman. Well, OK. So, what's so hard about finding THAT?Well, for one thing, mental health research tells us that people capable of emotional commitment are most often the products of emotionally healthy parents who were committed to personally meeting the emotional needs of their children.Our closest cousins, the bonobo apes, do this very well in their little ape way. So well, in fact, that they are one of the most peaceful, emotionally healthy cultures on our planet. Their secret: Bonobo moms stay attached, literally, to their male offspring for years, and bonobo dads stay close to play and protect their kids.So, you ask, what does all this have to do with you finding a good guy?Well, quite a bit. Anthropologists have discovered that when a little boy bonobo is separated from his mother before he's ready to let go, his innate peaceful nature suffers an irreversible meltdown. In other words, he becomes rather unsociable. In fact, he's so scary that no little bonobo female will touch him with a ten foot pole...... ever.If girl bonobos could talk, they'd probably describe him with words like narcissistic, rageaholic, rigid or commitment phobic. Ever notice how these words often show up in the Where have all the good men gone conversation?Anyway, just like our cousins, human babies are born expecting protection and physical closeness with their parents. And, just like our cousins, when bonding interruptus happens, especially to little boys, things can go terribly wrong.Over the years, clinicians have observed a very interesting phenomenon. Men with significant relationship difficulties often share similar childhood experiences, mental abilities, and temperaments. These include:o High average to gifted I.Q.o Early sensitivity to issues of kindness and justice, i.e. That's not fair!o Artistic curiosity, appreciation, and abilities (Well, so far this sounds like your perfect match. But, wait, there's one more.)o Rigid, rejecting, unpredictable fear-based childhoodOh, so when the stork drops a bright baby boy into the arms of dysfunctional parents, there is a great possibility he'll have love problems later on.There is one glaring difference between baby boy bonobos and baby boy humans. When a baby boy bonobo can't find his mommy, he takes about a nanosecond to shoot from 0 to 60 on the rage scale. But, the path to pathology for the human male can take years as he journeys from infancy to adulthood through rather predictable stages.DESPERATION: Infancy through toddler hood. Every baby has one primary need. Survival. And one surefire way to meet it. Cry. When the distress signal sounds, conscious human parents do what bonobo parents do. They soothe their little one. Thus, baby learns his needs matter, and he can trust his parents to meet them. Love is good.But, when the very aware baby's survival cries are ignored, he tries harder. If his parents don't get the message, he just screams louder and longer. He doesn't give up easily.At some point, Mommy or Daddy may punish these tantrums by denying him attention even more than they already do. After all, Junior needs to learn who's in charge in this family! Of course, Junior may be brighter than the average baby, but he still has no way of understanding such concepts as power and control. He just knows how to cry to survive, if he has to. In the process, his little mind fills with fear.Love is not so good. You can see where this is going.DISSILUSIONMENT: Toddler hood through early adolescence Little Einstein still believes he can figure out what he has to do to attract his parents' attention and affection. He tries to become good, or at least good enough to win their approval and ensure his survival. He creates ways to be charming, helpful, or daring. When he attempts a new skill, like riding his tricycle or building the tallest block tower ever, he looks for their approval. When that doesn't work, he falls back on the tantrum approach. It hasn't worked that well for him in the past, but maybe this time.Eventually, he begins to look past his parents for substitutes who will appreciate him for who he is. Even if he's lucky enough to find a teacher or a coach who sees his potential and value, he still silently questions why he's not good enough to be loved by his own parents. In the process, his young mind fills with fear.EMERGING PATHOLOGY: Adolescence through teens Well, he's tried everything he can think of to win his parents' approval, with little or no success. The emptiness from his little boy days recycles into escalating defense mechanisms like rage, depression, and passive aggressiveness. He may try to prove his parents wrong by becoming a top student, athlete, or campus leader. Or, he may try to prove them right by self-sabotaging his grades, health, reputation, and opportunities for the future.Mostly, he's still looking for love, and dragging all the baggage from his baby days on his quest to find it. Rejected by his parents, he has spent his life focused on himself, trying to be good enough, smart enough, clever enough, fast enough, handsome enough.. None of it has been enough. Oh, did I mention the sudden bubbling up of his raging hormones? For such a kid as this, teenage love weaves a treacherous web of hope and fear like nothing else can. His insecure attempts to appear secure mask his intense fear of being rejected. He is clueless how love reciprocates between partners. He has no such emotional template to draw from. He's just a stranger in a strange land trying to look cool. And, his teenage mind fills with fear.PATHOLOGY: Adult He marries. He divorces. He fathers children. He has affairs. He leaves a trail of broken promises. Lost, he's still looking for love, while dragging all the baggage from his baby days on his quest to find it. For such a man, love with a woman weaves a treacherous web of hope and fear like nothing else can. He's still just a stranger in a strange land. His bravado attempts to appear secure mask his intense fear of being rejected. He remains clueless how love reciprocates between partners, having no such emotional template to draw from. Rejected by his parents, girlfriends, lovers, and wives, he spends his life focused on himself, trying to be good enough, smart enough, clever enough, rich enough, handsome enough. Of course, doesn't he know by now that none of it will ever be enough?So, he rages. So, he deceives. So, he tries too hard. So, he grabs at power and insists on control. So, he blames every woman for the sins of his mother. And, his grown up, closed down mind fills with fear, which pushes him to try, yet again, to hunt down the love that so far eludes him. That's when he comes looking for you on line or in line, anywhere there's a chance to meet single women.It is no easy task for you to make sense of the nonsense that so often detours your search for that one wonderful man who is truly able to love you. As Ms. Anonymous once said, There are much easier things in life than finding a good man nailing jello to a tree, for instance! And, sisters, if you have had the courage to read to this point, your heart is likely filled with fear, too.........fear that your love life is doomed!Knowing what you now know, how can you hope to ever find an honest, intelligent, financially and emotionally stable man capable of sharing a conscious emotionally intimate relationship? Surely, all the good men are extinct, or at least on the endangered species list. Learn more on Where have all the good men gone?".  There are probably more healthy bonobo males than human males!Time to cue the silver lining onto center stage. Unlike wounded bonobos, some wounded human males have been known to eventually recognize that all of the negativity of their early lives could not destroy their true goodness. Many have even courageously placed their childhood pain into the hands of a trained, compassionate therapist who can skillfully unravel all the knots, then reweave life anew for these grown up little boy blues.In a journey I describe as "tender surrender" - rage and rigidity, power and control, fear of survival - surrender to peace. These extraordinary men find the way back to their original sensitivity for kindness, justice and fairness, and are reborn like the mythical Phoenix rising from the ashes of their lives. Their trek back into their most primal pain is rewarded with a rare vulnerability that sets them apart from their still wounded brothers. Now, fully alive and authentic, many rekindle their artistic gifts as a means of self-expression and healing. They all embrace the sensuality of life like a thirsty man finding his oasis.Identifying such a man as this requires your time, testing and tenacity. Most of all, it requires that you be wary and wise to ensure you find the man your heart truly longs for; the man capable of intimacy. He will be the man with an uncommon ease. He will be the one whom you can trust with your truth and your tears; the one who will keep your soul safe. Checkout more on this LINK.


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